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We have miniature horses and miniature donkeys and that graze on 17 acre of fenced in pasture. The rest of the land is for hay production which we make for them to eat over the winter. The view from the porch is of the barn which was built in 1886 and the donkey shed. Guests may wander around the property to see the animals. If you would like to live on a farm for few days this is a great place to stay!

About Us

 The  Gruber Homestead situated on 28 acres in North Heidelberg township Berks County, PA. Originally settled in 1737 by Henirch Gruber the farm passed down through eight generations  of  Grubers until it was sold out of the family in the early 1900's. When we purchased the farm in 1980 it had fallen into such disrepair that some of the buildings had to be demolished and the remaining ones needed to be  renovated. The Settler's Cabin among the buildings that we saved was completely redone by saving as much of the original structure that was practical. So fast forward to today and we have a charming Cabin that we share with people from all over the world.

Your Hosts Mary and Russell Getz
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